From a farmyard to the Heffterhof

Hotel Heffterhof was established on the site of a farmhouse dating back to 1604, so we’ve always had a strong connection to our origins and history. After the Second World War, from 1952 onwards, the venue was then adapted to become a training facility for people working in rural, agricultural regions. In the 60s, agricultural machinery and householding departments were added.

From 1976 on, the continuous process of expansion lead to the establishment of the LFI Heffterhof – a rural training institute belonging to the Agricultural Chambers. In later years, the householding school was moved to the Winkelhof in Oberalm and the agricultural machinery department was dissolved.

In 2000 a period of restructuring commenced, involving the expansion, reconstruction and erection of the Heffterhof seminar, conference and meetings hotel. The 4-star hotel ultimately opened in October 2002. ‘Heffter­hof’ was derived from the name of a former mayor of Salzburg, Ignaz Hefter. The second ‘f’ was erroneously inherited from earlier documents, and has never been removed since.