Director Cornelia Kogler is pleased to welcome our guests at the Hotel Heffterhof.



When you visit us you are greeted by our team at the reception desk:  David Koller, Daniel Schmidler, Botond Balla, Lisa Schober, Ghazaleh Arazm  und Verena. They are happy to respond to your needs!








Food Services

Head Chef Sebastian Braun, Christa Amerhauser, Sous-Chef Markus Holzhofer and Elvis Ajdinovic prepare fresh meals daily for you. Our wait staff is happy to meet your needs while dining:  f.l. Arno Riedl, Alexandra Mitter, Astrid Steindacher, Michael Schreyer und Petra Höck.













Technology Services/Housekeeping

And here are the people who work in the background to assure that everything runs smoothly, which is also quite important :Canan Yildizl, Radmila Smiljic and Klara Trsova for housekeeping, and for technology Muradif Music.